Born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines, VINCENT GOTTI immersed himself in the world of photography.  In 1979, with his depth and understanding  beyond the lens, Vincent transformed his childhood hobby into a career. Searching for greener pastures, Vincent migrated to the United States in 1984. Although he joined the US Air Force in 1986, the art of photography always haunted him.  In 2010, with more conviction, Vincent launched his photography studio in Fremont, CA.  He was nominated as one of the Best Fashion Photographers in 2011 for the San Francisco Fashion Week Awards.  He co-founded GEV Magazine, a Food and Fashion Magazine in San Francisco and is currently the Chief Contributing Photographer and Business Development Executive (Asia, Pacific and Australia) for Publicom Latina Publishing Group, a publishing company based in South America with 35 magazines worldwide. With his keen eye, precision and master of his skill, Vincent continues to evolve in photographing fashion and lifestyle editorials for numerous publications in San Francisco and Los Angeles. With his exuberant personality, compassion and passion, Vincent Gotti sets to travel the world searching for his next inspiration and aims to bring out the best in people one click at a time.

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